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Our world is becoming increasingly polarised. Too often, we allow our differences to become immediate barriers to relationship, throwing away opportunities to connect with and learn from one another. We make snap judgments and identify others due to a part of their identity, rather than taking the time to come into contact with the whole person.

Because we believe that God has created each person uniquely and with inherent dignity, we at Glasgow Navigators seek to build a community where unity exists and even thrives, in the midst of our differences. We could try to do this on our own, but realise that without God and his unifying power expressed through his Son, Jesus, it would be much more difficult. In Jesus, we can be both one and many…through him; we can reach our full potential as individuals and as a community. The student ministry seeks to do this is by meeting weekly in each other’s homes as small groups to eat together, study the bible, encourage each other and pray for one another.

As a community, we want to know the love of God in such a way that we are not only united with Him and with one another, but are also motivated to help one another learn to follow and become more like Jesus in all of life for all of life.

Alex Nelson

Student Ministry Leader


Navs is a place where I am encouraged to be myself in all my messiness, and to welcome Jesus into the disaster which is my life. Each week I learn more of how His strength shines through my flaws.


Navs is like those deep conversations you have after some beer… but without the beer. Although often there is beer.

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