Hungary / Slovenia

Hungary / Slovenia


Invitation to Hungary & Slovenia!

We are delighted to offer a 4 week programme run by ‘D3 Hungary‘ focused on service learning. A team from the UK and America will join up to work with a Hungarian student ministry in Budapest. Participants will be able to share the gospel with high school students as they serve, lead and live life alongside them. Activities include, a team building camp, serving at a home for mentally disabled adults and an adventure trip to the Slovenian Alps.

Steve McClure

International Missions Team, Navigators UK

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Programme Details


The programme will run from 8th June to 6th July.

Participants should not buy tickets before we give confirmation of programme dates.


Hungary and Slovenia (We’re based in Budapest but have the English camp in Lake Velence and the service camp in Tiszafured)

Team Size

Team size: 2-3 people.Over 18’s only.

Programme Description

A 4 week service-learning programme in Hungary and in the Alps of Slovenia. The UK volunteer team (serving alongside a team from the USA) will have a two-fold purpose:

(a) to serve youth and disadvantaged populations in Budapest and

(b) to share life and the Gospel with Hungarian high school students.

There will be three short camps which will focus on team building, service and adventure.

Volunteers will help organise and run activities such as team building games, facilitating group discussions, serving at a home for mentally disabled adults and an adventure trip to the Slovenian Alps. Applicants should have an enthusiasm to learn, ability to take initiative and an enjoyment of hiking and the outdoors! Further details, stories & photos from the programme are available at the D3 Hungary website (


We will hold an orientation day in the UK a few weeks before the programme starts. Attendance at this is a required for all team members. Additionally, the first two days of the programme in Budapest for UK participants will be an on-site orientation with local Navigator Representatives.


The cost of the Hungary/Slovenia programme is approximately 1,150 Euros. This price includes all housing, main meals, transportation, programme materials, activities, and scholarship assistance for Hungarian participants. Please note that this cost does not include travel insurance, flights and pre-departure travel all of which is at your own expense.

Payment should be made in in cash upon arrival in Hungary.


Throughout the programme the team will not stay in one location for more than 5 nights. During the first camp the team will share rooms (2-3 per room) in a school-owned hostel at lake Velence. During the service program the team will share rooms (2-3 per room) in a countryside hostel.  During the adventure trip in Slovenia the team will camp in tents (2 per tent) at a beautiful camp ground with good facilities in Kobarid. For the nights in Budapest the team will stay at a comfortable Bed and Breakfast that is walking distance to the Newell’s home.

Post Programme

We would like to reserve 1-2 days after the programme for debriefing with the UK team.

Responsibilities of the UK Team

The UK team will focus significant energy on the Hungarian high school students, and will depend on Hungarian teammates for translation and cultural sensitivity. They will help organise various elements of the 3 camps such as lead developmental team-workshops, model servant-leadership and share life-stories. There will be lots of opportunities to form and deepen relationships and within that to share your own testimony of faith.

Other details

Please note that you are applying to join the UK team attending a programme organised by ‘D3 Hungary’ (see for more information). In the UK, the programme is advertised through the Navigators, Turner House, 54 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XQ.

DBS/PVG Checks: All team members will require an enhanced DBS check (PVG in Scotland) before being accepted on the programme. where necessary this check will be organised by the UK Navigators office. Without a valid DBS or PVG Check (either provided by the applicant or obtained on the applicants behalf by the Navigators) applicants will be unable to participate in the programme.

Travel Insurance: All participants are required to have suitable travel and medical insurance to cover their participation in the programme. This must include provision for medical repatriation, trip cancellation and trip disruption (e.g. due to civil unrest or volcanic ash affecting air travel). You are responsible also for supplying accurate information as required by the insurer, and communicating details of your insurance arrangements to your team leader. In the UK insurers who offer suitable insurance include Bluefin, Salt Insurance and Banner Insurance. 

Passport and Visas: UK citizens with a valid UK passport with at least 6 months remaining on it can enter Hungary and Slovenia freely provided that their stay is for less than 90 days.

Application and Deadlines

This trip is open to all students and recent graduates. The deadline for applying to the programme is 31st March 2017 and we will let you know if you have been accepted within two weeks (assuming all documentation and references all received). Application is no guarantee of acceptance. Contact us for more info or complete the application form below if you’ve already made up your mind.

Application Form (Word)

Application Form (PDF)

Any Questions?

Turner House, 54 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XQ

023 8055 8800

Charity numbers:
England & Wales: 1099148
Scotland: SC038484


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