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Spend July with more than 200 high school and college students and young professionals from around Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. The Summer Language Institute is a well-established program at an international Christian liberal arts university in Lithuania. SLI offers academic English classes to learners of all levels, along with a rich program of extracurricular activities. Interested in serving at the Summer Language Institute as a part of the residence life staff?

Tim Forester

Missions Coordinator, Navigators UK

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I went to Lithuania for July 2017. My role was as a Student Residential Assistant, helping with LLC University’s Summer School. I was part of team overseeing the halls of residence and, and more specifically looked after 25 students on my corridor. The halls consisted of students from many different Eastern European countries, ranging from 14 to 21 years old. Their main aim was to improve their English through talking with each other and lessons. 

Having such a large age range made the Summer School activities often difficult to organise, however the students loved dance parties and BBQs. There would often be a group of around everyday waiting to talk to you. It was a great time to be able to share and really get to know the students. Over a month we really got to know the students well.
As a staff team you start with a week together, to prepare for the students to arrive and have time to explore Klaipeda, a truly beautiful city. Having staff that speak English, and share your faith, is a great help and the team of teachers and Resident Life staff are good support system

With LCC being a Christian University there are plenty of opportunities to share the gospel with student, as well as specific events where they can experience God. Personally, I found the mission trip would have been more difficult without these times throughout the week to connect. There are less obvious/more conversational ways set out as well. Overall, just having a large group of students come from all over to experience this teaching from a large group of Christians doing this for free is amazing. LCC is doing a great job and runs a successful mission trip which also teaches students real life skills. You can really see God working, its a blessing. 

Emily Parkin

Trip Details


2  July 2018 – Team arrive

3-6 July 2018 – Orientation

7 July 2018 – Student registration and move-in

9 July 2018 – Class begin

27 July 2018 – Class end; students move out

28-29 July 2018 – Team leave


LCC International University, Klapedia, Lithuania (website)

Team Size
Team size: 2-3 people.Over 18’s only.
Programme Description
The trip includes an initial training week and being involved as Residential Assistants (RAs) for those on the Summer Language Institute (SLI) language course (link). As an RA you will be residing on campus responsible for the implementation and development of the residence life program in LCC’s residence halls throughout the Summer Language Institute (SLI) in the month of July. LCC houses and provides programming for participants (secondary school, college-aged, and adult students as well as North American educators) in the Residence halls’ facilities, alongside a few LCC undergraduate students residing there. Resident Assistants (RAs) work closely with the Resident Directors (RDs) to make the residence halls safe, friendly, and fun places to live and learn.
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Serve as liaison between residents and the Resident Directors and educate students about living in residence halls
  • Promote and build community in the residence halls through events, programs, conflict resolution, and instilling a sense of ownership and care for the physical building among all residents
  • Ensure that residents comply with community standards and internal policies
  • Counsel, help, and assist students on various issues
  • Work with the other Resident Assistants and promote each other’s development.
  • Ensure on-call availability for emergency incidents, security issues, and be a resource for residents.

The only costs are getting yourself to and from LCC, and feeding yourselves through the month. There is a good cafeteria on-site where meals can be purchased for around 2 – 4 euros. There are also kitchen facilities if you want to self cater. Self catering will cost about 20 euros per week.

Accommodation is provided free of charge by LCC.

As an RA you will have a room in the LCC dormitories.
Other Details

Please note that you are applying to join the UK team attending a programme organised by the LCC International University ( In the UK, the programme is advertised through the Navigators UK. You will also need to apply to the LCC to be an RA (link) as well as applying to join the Navigator team (see application form below).

DBS/PVG Checks: All team members will require an enhanced DBS check (PVG in Scotland) before being accepted on the programme. where necessary this check will be organised by the UK Navigators office. Without a valid DBS or PVG Check (either provided by the applicant or obtained on the applicants behalf by the Navigators) applicants will be unable to participate in the programme.

Travel Insurance: All participants are required to have suitable travel and medical insurance to cover their participation in the programme. This must include provision for medical repatriation, trip cancellation and trip disruption (e.g. due to civil unrest or volcanic ash affecting air travel). You are responsible also for supplying accurate information as required by the insurer, and communicating details of your insurance arrangements to your team leader. In the UK insurers who offer suitable insurance include Bluefin, Salt Insurance and Banner Insurance. 

Passport and Visas: UK citizens with a valid UK passport with at least 6 months remaining on it can enter Lithuania freely provided that their stay is for less than 90 days.

Application Form (PDF)


Application Form (Word)


Application and Deadlines

This trip is open to all students and recent graduates. The deadline for applying to the programme is 31st March 2018 and we will let you know if you have been accepted within two weeks (assuming all documentation and references all received). Application is no guarantee of acceptance. Contact us for more info or complete the application form below if you’ve already made up your mind.

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