Camp Arka
Wroclaw, Poland

Camp Arka have been running English camps in Poland for nearly 20 years. We invite you to join the Navigators UK team going to the Camp Arka English camps this summer. Team members will join a larger team of Native English Speakers teaching English to, and sharing life with, Polish youth. Each week has a different age group in focus. Initiative and flexibility are two key requirements for those interested in this programme.

Tim Forester

Missions Coordinator, Navigators UK

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Trip Details

Provisionally for 2018 the UK Navigator Team plan to attend weeks 2 and 3 of Camp Arka. The plan is detailed below and note that team members must be present for the orientation on Friday 29th June 2018 before the camps begin:

  • Arrive in Wroclaw – Wednesday 27th June
  • Optional excursion to Auschwitz – Thursday 28th June
  • Training session, camp prep, meet the Polish team, night out – Friday 29th of June
  • Camp Arka Week 2 (ages 6-11) – Saturday 30 June – Saturday 7 July
  • Camp Arka Week 3 (ages 12-17) – Saturday 7 – Saturday 14 July
  • Return Home – Sunday 15 July

Alternatively it is also possible to attend just the weeks as stand alone camps. If this is the case please arrive by the Friday before for mandatory camp prep, meeting the team and training.

Provisional Dates for the Poland Camp Arka Weeks are as follows;

  • Saturday 23 June – Saturday 30 June ~ Ages 6-11 (Camp 1)
  • Saturday 30 June – Saturday 7th July ~ Ages 9-15 (Camp 2)
  • Saturday 7 July – Saturday 14th July ~ Ages 12-17 (camp 3)

Note: Dates include time for on-site orientation. Only one such orientation is needed if you are attending multiple weeks. The English camps run from Saturday afternoon to Saturday morning each week.

See more at the website http://www.camparka.cepartners.org.uk/upcoming-camp/


Before and after the camp- Wrocław, Poland

Camp- Lubiatów (Ośrodek Haleszka http://www.haleszka.pl/)

Team Size

Team size: 6-10 people.Over 18’s only.

Programme Description
Being part of a team teaching English to Polish youth. Activities will vary from day to day but will include conversation groups and recreational activities.

We will hold an orientation day in the UK a few weeks before the programme starts. Attendance at this is required for all team members. Additionally, the first two days of the programme in Poland for UK participants will be an on-site orientation with local Camp Arka Staff.


Cost per camp for English native speakers is $130/ GBP 100
2 Camps – $230/ GBP 180
3 Camps – $300/ GBP 240

Please note that this does not include flights, travel insurance or pre-departure travel to/from the airport

You are required to arrange your own transport to Wrocław Airport, Poland (NB this is NOT Warsaw). Cheapest is Ryanair or Wizzair. Provided you have made your flight details clear to Camp Arka at least a week in advance of your arrival, you will be met at Wroclaw Airport by a member of the “Arka” team. Transport to and from the airport is by private car and to and from the campsite by bus. At the end of the time you will be taken by private car to the airport. In the event of your arrival at Wroclaw Airport being delayed, the person awaiting you will wait as long as is reasonable (up to 3 hours). You will be given the telephone number and address of Camp Arka staff just in case your flight has severe delays and you are not able to be met. We will then come as soon as possible to pick you up.
During your stay at Camp Arka, you will stay in modest hostel accommodation. Rooms are single-sex and accommodate 2 to 5 people each. The room may include en suite facilities or may make use of a shared bathroom. All bedding and bed linen is provided. You need to provide your own towel and toiletries. Before and after the camps, you will be accommodated in the homes of Camp Arka staff in Poland.
Responsibilities of the UK Team

Native English Speakers helping at Camp Arka will:
· Take responsibility for the health, safety, well-being and happiness of campers during trips, at the lake, on evening programmes, during English classes and during sports activities.
· Show genuine interest in campers – learn their names, ages, how many times they have been to Camp Arka, their level of English, likes and dislikes, etc.
· Provide opportunities for the group so that each individual experiences success while at camp.
· Encourage respect for personal property, camp equipment and facilities.




· Diagnose child’s level of English (conversation before start of the camp – evaluation test) and assign camper to the appropriate group.
· Lead English classes twice a day (except the day of arrival and departure).
· Help lead craft classes and other workshops (previously prepared and individually discussed with Polish staff).
· Help lead sports activities, teach campers new games characteristic for the native speaker’s country (individually assigned).
· As part of the team of native speakers organize one evening programme at the camp – Culture Night.
· Participate in first evening programme at the camp – Integration Games.
· Optional – join in with groups of children at the lake, join Bible lesson, on other evening programmes.
· Set a good example for campers in all areas, including cleanliness, punctuality, clean-up chores, rules, and sportsmanship.
· Follow camp rules and regulations – in particular, smoking, and possessing or consuming alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs are forbidden during camp.
· Report any illnesses, accidents, or behavioral problems to the Director.
· More responsibilities may be assigned as required.
· Pre-read all the English lessons outlines and discuss with your partner/group. Prepare all material for lessons.

Other Details

Please note that you are applying to join the UK team attending camps organised by the Christian Educational Association “Arka” (http://arka.edu.pl/eng/). Address: Ul. Stalowowolska 24/26, 53-404 Wrocław, Poland. tel. (+48) 71 787 97 50). In the UK, the programme is advertised through the Navigators, Turner House, 54 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XQ.

DBS/PVG Checks: All team members will require an enhanced DBS check (PVG in Scotland) before being accepted on the programme. where necessary this check will be organised by the UK Navigators office. Without a valid DBS or PVG Check (either provided by the applicant or obtained on the applicants behalf by the Navigators) applicants will be unable to participate in the programme.

Travel Insurance: All participants are required to have suitable travel and medical insurance to cover their participation in the programme. This must include provision for medical repatriation, trip cancellation and trip disruption (e.g. due to civil unrest or volcanic ash affecting air travel). You are responsible also for supplying accurate information as required by the insurer, and communicating details of your insurance arrangements to your team leader. In the UK insurers who offer suitable insurance include Bluefin, Salt Insurance and Banner Insurance. 

Passport and Visas: UK citizens with a valid UK passport with at least 6 months remaining on it can enter Poland freely provided that their stay is for less than 90 days.

Application and Deadlines

This trip is open to all students and recent graduates. The deadline for applying to the programme is 31st March 2018 and we will let you know if you have been accepted within two weeks (assuming all documentation and references all received). Application is no guarantee of acceptance. Contact us for more info or complete the application form below if you’ve already made up your mind.

Poland Information Sheet


Application Form (Word)



I went to Poland in July 2015 at the end of my Connect year with Navigators. The trip was full of challenges as I led a group for the first time but it was also an amazing time where we, as a team, had to rely on God to help us through the three week camps. The Camp was such a joyful place with kids running everywhere which was very entertaining but also very tiring. I had to make sure I had time to myself each day to recharge! The age range of kids changes from camp to camp so each week is completely different – teaching and playing games with an 8 year old on week one is vastly different from entertaining eighteen year olds! This keeps the camp very fresh and full of fun and new challenges. The Polish staff were also very helpful, some of them are shy to speak English at first but as the time goes by you begin to create good friendships with them and they become more confident around you. Sometimes we can have very high expectations in mission trips about sharing the Gospel with the people we spend time with. Language barriers were obvious from day one and so verbal sharing was difficult and left up to the Polish staff who had time with the kids in the bible each day. Our task was to show Jesus through the way we loved, taught and enjoyed the kids at the camp. Camp Arka was full of energy and has a great vision to share Jesus with local kids and It was an amazing experience to help facilitate this mission. David Gibson

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