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We are delighted to offer a stretching 6 week programme serving in a Thai University, running a practical and fun programme to help the Thai students practice their spoken English. The trip is a great opportunity to experience and learn about the beautiful country of Thailand and the Buddhist worldview of Thai people.

Stuart Newland

International Missions Team, Navigators UK

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Trip Details


Approximately 6 weeks, from Sunday 24 June 2018 to Thursday 2 August 2018


Mostly based at a university in central Thailand.  The debrief at the end of the program will be in a countryside or coastal location.

Team Size

Team size: Up to 10 team members, with 3 team leaders.  Over 18’s only.

Programme Description

Our team of up to 14 people will be serving in a Thai University, planning and running a practical and fun program to help the Thai students practice their conversational English (you don’t need any previous experience of teaching English). Running the programme and living alongside the students in their dorms will give the opportunity to build friendships and see the gospel flow through your relationships.

The trip will give you the opportunity to experience and learn about the beautiful country of Thailand and the Buddhist worldview of Thai people.  The Thai people are considered to be an ‘unreached’ people group (less than 1% Christian) – the team will have the opportunity to learn about their worldview, think about why the gospel has been slow to advance in this nation, and learn about how to communicate the gospel into this very different culture through conversation and sharing your life and testimony.

As you live and serve in this context you will be stretched out of your comfort zones, you’ll have the opportunity to grow in in your knowledge, trust and confidence in God and grow in your understanding of yourself, your gifts, contribution and areas for development.

The programme will give you the opportunity to serving alongside, and see the life of, a long-term Conventional Income Missionary.

The programme will be approximately 6 weeks.  (4 week-language teaching program, plus time for in-country orientation/planning and debrief.)


Approx. £2,000 per person all inclusive of all flights, accommodation, local transport, food (except on travel days and sightseeing days), group sightseeing activities and Travel insurance. Flights will be booked through ‘Key Travel’ who are ATOL protected.

Payments will be made through the Navigators UK including a deposit of £100 which will be required once accepted onto the programme.

Training will be given to help team members raise financial and prayer support from friends, family and churches. This includes;


During the language teaching program the team members will live in student dorms, sharing rooms.  During the in-country orientation/planning and debrief the team will stay in hostel, guesthouse or budget hotel accommodation, again sharing rooms.


We will hold an orientation weekend in St Andrews, Scotland on 28-29 April 2018.  Attendance at this is a required for all team members.  Additionally, the programme includes time for in-county orientation/planning in Thailand.

Responsibilities of the UK Team

Interested applicants must be prepared for:

Serving, Teamwork and Leadership

  • Being flexible and adaptable – the culture there is a last minute culture and plans may become fluid to accommodate that!
  • Working well together as a team, contributing fully to the team during times of work and relaxation, serving the students, local and missionaries that we meet
  • Living in close, intentional community as part of the team
  • Helping lead, and contributing to, the group’s devotional and team times.
  • Serving at the language teaching program will include planning and delivering activities (including lessons, games, and small-group conversations) and building relationships.
  • Listening and learning from spiritual mentors.
  • Respecting authority of team / programme leadership

Environment, conditions and food

  • Eating delicious local food – but very different to Western food!  You may be eating local food for three meals a day.
  • Living in a hot and humid environment, with torrential rain storms.
  • Encountering local wildlife and bugs.
  • Sleeping in a variety of different conditions (student dorms, hostels, guesthouses, budget hotels), sharing rooms with each other.
  • Occasional day trips that may involve significant amounts of walking.

Personal and pastoral

  • Being ‘fully present’ as part of close community (limited opportunities for e-mail, internet & social media, etc.)
  • Keeping a journal of what you are seeing that is different from UK life.
  • Having regular personal devotional times and journal things that God is teaching you.
  • Sharing and discussing in team devotional and team times, and one-to-one conversations with team leaders.  Growing in being honest about our own lives, values, reactions, prejudices as the weeks go on.  Pray specifically for things we find hard both individually and as a team.
  • Spending time in personal reflection, evaluation and debrief at the end of the trip.


Stepping out

  • Being willing to try new things.
  • Learning some Thai language
  • Initiating relationships with people from a different culture.
  • Stepping far, far out of your comfort zone!


Post Programme

There will be time for in-country orientation/planning and debrief.

Other Details

This programme is run and advertised through the Navigators, Turner House, 54 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XQ.

DBS/PVG Checks: All team members will require an enhanced DBS check (PVG in Scotland) before being accepted on the programme. where necessary this check will be organised by the UK Navigators office. Without a valid DBS or PVG Check (either provided by the applicant or obtained on the applicants behalf by the Navigators) applicants will be unable to participate in the programme.

Travel Insurance: All participants are required to have suitable travel and medical insurance to cover their participation in the programme. This must include provision for medical repatriation, trip cancellation and trip disruption (e.g. due to civil unrest or volcanic ash affecting air travel). You are responsible also for supplying accurate information as required by the insurer, and communicating details of your insurance arrangements to your team leader. In the UK insurers who offer suitable insurance include Bluefin, Salt Insurance and Banner Insurance. 

Passport and Visas: A valid passport with at least 6 months remaining on it. You will also need to apply for a 60 day visa

Vaccinations: You must consult with your General Practitioner or Practice Nurse 8 weeks in advance of travel. They will assess your particular health risks before recommending vaccines.

Application and Deadlines

This trip is open to all students and recent graduates. The deadline for applying to the programme is 4th March 2018 (now extended until 31st March) and we will let you know if you have been accepted within two weeks (assuming all documentation and references all received). Application is no guarantee of acceptance. Contact us for more info or complete the application form below if you’ve already made up your mind.

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Application Form (Word)



Terms and Conditions



Any Questions?

Turner House, 54 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XQ

023 8055 8800

Charity numbers:
England & Wales: 1099148
Scotland: SC038484


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