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Becoming labourers

Why are Navigators such ‘thirsty’ yet refreshing people? Mike Treneer shares a story and a promise, which show how we can go from being part of the problem in this lost and aching world to being part of the solution for those around us.

Last Hurrah

“Okay, that’s it. As of Monday, no more…” Claire Donaghey takes a honest look at empty promises. She imagines the pop song ‘Last Hurrah’ as a conversation, in which she gets alongside singer Bebe Rexha.

An Endless Night

Game of Thrones’ epic war has raised profound ideas about death, as has Keanu Reeve’s recent viral quote. Pieter van Leeuwen unpacks their messages.

The Power of a Red Turtle

Tim Yearsley shares a cinema experience that took him by surprise, and suggests some questions that get to the heart of a film’s impact on us.



Kat Shepherd

Kat tells her story of sharing Jesus life to life, from experiencing him in the honesty and vulnerability of a Navigator group, to demonstrating something of Jesus to students

Shona Cullens

“For me, university was a huge turning point. I remember thinking that I could just walk away from God at that point, but the Holy Spirit wouldn’t allow me to. I joined a Navigator small group.”

Eva Leaf

“I had decided to follow Almighty God, but I didn’t have a clue how.”


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The Pyramid of Maturity

The Pyramid is a shareable tool to help young leaders consider the foundations of their leadership.

The Word Hand

How to get the Word of God into your life

Summer School 2018

Five talks by Jerram Barrs on the series Seeking the Kingdom.

Born to Reproduce

Daws’ challenge: Look for one person you can make into a disciple reproducer


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