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By Mike Treneer | Latest Release

The ICBs are back!

Mike Treneer’s seeker Bible studies known as the ICBs have been updated for a new generation of people investigating Christian belief. ‘Discover Jesus: Investigating Christian Belief’ gives participants the opportunity to look at the basics of Christian faith from the original source material, the Bible. These five studies can be done in 1-to-1s or groups and are appropriate for those of different faiths or none. 

Since its development in the 1970s, this resource has helped many people around the world to come to faith in Christ and has also helped a large number of Christians grasp the fundamental truths of our faith. ‘Discover Jesus’ was relaunched on Saturday 28th April 2018 at an event celebrating 50 years of student ministry in Southampton. Mike was one of the speakers, having led SotonNavs between 1971 and 1975. He has since continued to make disciples in Africa, the US and the UK. 

‘Discover Jesus’ explores five fundamental aspects of the gospel: truth, God, us, Christ and trust. Each study contains a personal story, reflection questions and further reading. The studies aim to facilitate focused discussion, that participants may explore faith through the Bible and have an experience of the risen Jesus.

Is faith a leap in the dark? Intellectual suicide? Or is it being convinced beyond reasonable doubt by facts?

Christian belief is based on the historical events surrounding the life of Jesus, events which are both startling and unique. The claim is made that God himself has stepped into human history. Clearly much is at stake and an honest and unbiased look at the facts must be the launching point for an investigation of Christian belief. (Discover Jesus)

Whether you’re a seasoned evangelist looking for new ideas or a reluctant one looking for confidence to reach out, ‘Discover Jesus’ provides a framework to help you come alongside someone and introduce them to Jesus in five simple studies.

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