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Tim Yearsley, Navigators Rep, Nottingham

10 January 2019

What does it mean for you and me to be made ‘in the image and likeness of God’?[1]

While theologians continue to debate the answer and explore the richness of the theology contained in those words, the rest of us are probably going to just ask Google.

But the opening chapter of the Bible has some clues for us that are worth exploring. In fact, the first words of the first sentence of the first chapter. We read, ‘In the beginning, God created…’[2]

God is a creator. The is the first truth ever revealed about Him. By his words, everything came into being. Things seen – like oceans and sky and stars – and things unseen – like time, quantum mechanics, and philosophy. All of it was created by God.

So to be made in his Image means recognising that our own creative impulses come from a Great Creator… and expressing that creativity in our homes, work, hobbies, teams and churches is expressing something of God wherever we are.

You don’t have to be an artist to be creative. You just have to be human. So the question before us is not ‘If’, but ‘How am I expressing that creativity?’

What mood did you want to evoke in the room when you painted it that way?

What inspires your cooking?

What influences the music you play or the art you draw?

What questions matter most to you in conversation?

What do you long to bring about in your church community?

But buried in those questions we still have a choice to make – will my creative energy bring myself and others closer to the God whose Image I carry, or will it push me away?

It’s obvious that nothing changes without our exerting some creative force upon the world – rooms don’t get painted and meals don’t get cooked, guitars don’t get strummed and questions don’t get asked.

But we do have power to bring about change in a way that harmonises with the deepest parts of who we are, and what we were meant to do in this world. That is what it means to create as we were created to create. That is at least the start of an answer to the question of what it means to be someone made in the Image of God.

How will you express creativity today?

[1]Genesis 1:27

[2]Genesis 1:1

Big Weekend

Creativity is the theme for The Navigators’ annual 18-30s conference, The Big Weekend. You are invited to join us March 8-10 in Blackpool – find tickets at


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Turner House,
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SO17 1XQ

023 8055 8800


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