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Thanks for your interest in Navigators Summer Training Programmes!

The application below is a dynamic form which will produce the relevant sections depending on which trip you are applying for. Don’t worry if it misses out some sections!

Tier Structure

Short Term Programs (STPs) are an amazing opportunity to grow and to serve as you participate with what God is doing in a different culture.

Each program is different in terms of how much it will stretch the team that go – some trips go to closer countries / cultures, for a shorter time with a more structured program, other trips go to more distant cultures, for a longer time and require team members

The Tier Structure in this document will help:

  • – applicants to understand whether a STP is likely to be a good amount of ‘stretching’ and growth for them;
  • – all staff with clarity on which STP to encourage each applicant to apply to;
  • – receiving countries and Team Leaders to discuss the team selection criteria;
  • – the International Missions Team and Team Leader to select the right applicants.

Tier 1 Trip Characteristics

  • Open to all
  • Typically a larger team with a team of leaders
  • Fine for 1st year students
  • A shorter commitment
  • No matter when a participant came to know the Lord, they would be welcome to come and grow
  • A more structure program
  • Easily accessible countries

Trips where there is a ‘come and see’ mentality.

Tier 2 Trip Characteristics

  • Open to most
  • Could be larger or smaller team
  • May be better for students beyond their 1st year
  • Longer commitment
  • Looking for emotional and spiritual maturity
  • Mix of structured program and relational elements – needs personal motivation and initiative
  • May give priority to applicants with previous STP or overseas experience.

Trips where there is a ‘come and serve’ mentality.

Tier 3 Trip Characteristics

  • Open to few
  • Smaller team size
  • Only students beyond their 1st year
  • Longer commitment
  • Requires emotional and spiritual maturity
  • A program that is more relational than structured – requires personal motivation and initiative
  • Priority to applicants with previous STP or overseas experience

Trips where there is a ‘come and die’ mentality. Pushing aside preferences and truly leaning on the receiving team to trust God together where to best serve and spread the Gospel.

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