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For over thirty years, the Navigator Church Ministries Team has engaged, served and partnered with local expressions of church throughout the UK to help them with the necessary mind-shifts and practices that develop intentional disciplemaking.

Partnering with Local Churches

We have a number of Navigator Reps who partner with local church leaders to help them develop disciplemaking in their churches. These Reps are involved in a number of different ways – from spare time leading a ministry activity within the church (e.g. small group coordination) to near full time involved in the senior leadership of a church helping shape the overall vision and strategy. Navigator Reps are self-funded skilled practitioners who have completed rigorous apprenticeships within the Navigator ministry. If you would like to explore having a Navigator Rep partner with you in your church or are interested in being developed as a Navigator Rep who partners with churches then please get in touch by completing the contact form below.

Jan McCuin

Church Ministries, Navigators UK

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Here are some of our current partnerships:

Michael serves as a full time Navigator Rep and spends the majority of his time helping a church planter in Nottingham to establish a new church. He is part of the leadership team of Community Church Nottingham (Salt and Light) and is involved in ensuring that a healthy disciplemaking culture is established in the church from its beginning.

Michael Lyden

Community Church Nottingham

Allan and Cathie are full time Navigator Reps who give some of their time to serving on the Ministry Team at Christ Church, an Anglican church in South Birmingham. Allan is Discipleship Coordinator and seeks to help the church keep discipling as a priority. Among other responsibilities he oversees the mentoring programme and the home groups. Cathie also seeks to help the church develop their disciple making in her role as Church Warden and leader of one of the home groups.

Allan and Cathie Bartlam

Christ Church, Selly Park, Birmingham

Thompy helps direct Formation School which aims to grow leaders who make disciples. It has been established for five years. Almost 100 students from 18 regional churches have attended its year-long course, based in Above Bar Church in Southampton city centre. It is modelling how the local church can provide theologically grounded practical training in being and making disciples.

Thompy Wright

Above Bar Church, Southampton

Xander is an Associate Pastor with Cornerstone Church, St Andrews serving on the leadership team. Cornerstone is birthed out of a vision to reach people with the Good News about Jesus, and to see every member of God’s people equipped to be who God made them to be. Xander has a particular focus on the student community.

Xander Cant

Cornerstone, St Andrews

Phil has given a day a week of his time to help plant Cornerstone Community Church Stirling (which started in August 2015). They are seeking to help Cornerstone to be a missional disciple-making church where the people flourish in faith and love compassionately.

Phil Boydell

Cornerstone Community Church, Stirling

Providing training and resources


We are able to offer training to help local church leaders develop disciple making, such as Small Group Leader Training and training in various aspects of discipleship, including personal devotional life, prayer, friendship evangelism and Bible study. We are also developing a new Culture Change Process.

Culture Change Process

As part of our commitment to help local church leaders develop disciple making cultures in their churches, we are currently developing a culture change process that will be ready to launch in 2018.  This will be a much more involved and lengthy process that will help church leaders and their leadership teams consider what is involved in creating a disciple making culture and to walk with Navigator Reps and other local church leaders to pray, plan and act to see this come about.


For more details on Small Group Leader Training, the “2:7 Series”, bespoke training or to express your interest in our future culture change process then please get in touch by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page.


Our published resources are also popular amongst church leaders, particularly Time Out With God which can be widely distributed in local churches to help promote personal devotions as a key part of a disciple making strategy.  See the Online Bookshop for other printed and downloadable resources.

Become a Navigator Rep or Associate

with the Church Ministries Team

Do you sense that you may be called to be involved in this exciting part of the kingdom’s work? There are many opportunities to get involved.  We are always looking for people partner with local churches (perhaps even the one you currently attend) or to be involved in resourcing local churches by delivering training, developing resources and coaching in culture change. We would love to start a conversation with you about this. Contact us by completing the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Navigator Reps

serving in local churches

Michael is married to Anou and is part of the Navigator Church Ministries Team. He is currently partnering with a church planter in Nottingham, helping to start a church with disciple making at its core. He is also involved in helping local church leadership teams across the country adjust their church cultures to better fulfil Jesus’ commission to make disciples.

Michael Lyden

Allan is married to Cathie and together they serve on the National Leadership Team as team leaders in the West. Allan is also part of the leadership team at his local Anglican church, with a particular responsibility for discipleship.

Allan and Cathie Bartlam

Phil gives a day and a half a week (as a partnership with the Navigators) to help establish Cornerstone Community Church. His main passions are teaching in a way that makes the Christian faith make sense to people of little or no faith, and discipleship.

Phil Boydell

We work with students in St Andrews, seeking to encourage them to follow Jesus, and equipping them to help others to do the same. We are part of God’s work in this small town, and are partnered specifically with Cornerstone Church.

Xander Cant

Jan was born and brought up in the London area where she trained as a Speech and Language therapist. She worked in Southampton and Loughborough. The Lord then led her to become a Navigator Rep and eventually moved me to Newcastle from where she facilitate the Navigator Church Ministries – focussing on developing disciplemaking cultures.

Jan McCuin

Thompy and Gill have been Navigator Representatives since they were married nearly 40 years ago. They have three grown sons and four grandchildren. They are still working, with individuals and local churches, but are also preparing gradually for retirement and even bought a caravan.

Thompy Wright

Stu is married to Jen, and they have a young son. They have spent time living, working and studying in other cultures, and for 10 years they worked as a City Planner and a Dentist. They now work cross-culturally in St Andrews serving international students – helping international students know Jesus, grow as whole-life disciples of his, and make him known.

Stu Newland

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