Connect Programme

A one year internship with the Navigators. Developing workers for the Kingdom for over two decades.


We believe that Jesus has a loving heart for all people. His solution to a world that is broken and separate from Him was to raise up a generation of men and women. His prayer is for “workers”: surrendered and skilled people who have compassion on the lost and introduce them to Jesus, helping them grow in their faith, and then teaching them to pass the Good News on. One at a time the crowds are won.


Connect is a year long internship which trains and develops people to be workers in the harvest, through training in leadership and discipleship. Our heart is that they would learn intimacy with Jesus and develop ministry skills for a lifetime of being and making disciples. Connect has run for over twenty years and year after year has proven itself to be highly significant in the lives of the people who take part in the programme and the lives of those they minister to.


Connect gives focused training to people from different walks of life to be workers in the harvest wherever God puts them. People from around the UK will be mentored by trained Navigator Representatives in different local contexts and given training for a lifetime of working in the harvest. This apprenticeship involves on the job training in both ministry and life skills within the locations of one of the local Navigators ministries.

Connect also provides a wide range of opportunities and experiences in areas such as evangelism and disciplemaking. This includes personal ministry into the lives of others, an experience of quality discipling by a mature supervisor and extended personal study through Bible studies and reading.


From Cornwall

“Connect was a pivotal year for me. It allowed me to consolidate everything I had learned about myself over the course of university. Devoted mentors, authentic community and in-depth Bible studies were the ideal context for processing the big questions that comes with young adulthood. I developed skills, understanding and attitudes that I believe will serve me for many years to come.”


Alongside the Local Ministry component is a nationally run, structured course, which is delivered in a variety of learning styles. The Training Programme is made up of the following components. 

Each of these different factors combine to create a diverse experience that give well rounded learning environment to grow and develop. The Training Programme is in part subsidised by the Navigators, after which the total cost is approximately £900. (This value is based on full-time participation in all elements. The cost may be lesser for those not attending Student Ministry conferences).

Training Days

4 times a year, participants come together for 3 days to share and learn from other Connect Workers, participate in Training Seminars and space and time to slow down, reflect and share experiences with others on the programme.

Biblical Studies

Connect seeks to develop a deeper understanding of some key biblical themes. Connect also provides the opportunity for other personal study programmes tailored to the individual.


To compliment the key biblical principles explored in Connect, a reading project will run concurrent to each of the 4 studies.


The Connect Programme provides a unique opportunity to build habits and develop a deep and rich devotional life through taking time to be with God.

Ministry Visit

You will have the opportunity visit at least 1 other Navigator ministry. This provides a broader experience and allows you to observe different ways of doing ministry.

National Conferences

The Connect Year consists of the participation in a number of national Navigator initiatives. These are: Student Forum;  the Big Weekend (Student Ministry Context only), UK Navigator Reps Conference and the Scottish Summer School.

International Summer Programme

At the end of the Connect Year, you will join with some Navigator Reps to help lead an overseas trip in the summer. This will take you out of your comfort zone and hence sharpen faith and character, broadening horizons and developing an understanding and outwardly focussed heart for the nations.


From Glasgow

“Having finished my masters degree and begun working in different business settings, I recognise that the skills and values I learnt during Connect are strongly applicable with the practices that form the most effective and healthy organisations”



In order to gain the most from Connect, it is important to know the following:

– Participants are self-employed for the year, working in voluntary association with the Navigators UK. Connect is considered to be the same as any other internship and treated as a job.

– As such, we want to work in an atmosphere of professionalism allowing your Connect Year to be something which is transferable onto any CV and something which would be seen as highly valuable to any future employer.

– The Connect Year involves the full participation in both the Local Ministry and the Training Programme.

– The Programme begins in the final week of August and runs to the end of August of the following year.

– The Connect Year is either done Full Time (5 days) or Part Time (3 days). Part Time is not available in a Student Ministry context.

– All Navigator Representatives are self-funded This is the same for Connect. This is done through raising an agreed budget. For more info, see page 13.

How to Apply

The deadline to request an application pack for Connect close on the last day of February. When you request a pack, you will be given a deadline in which to return the completed form.

Should you wish to apply for the Connect Programme, there are some steps to follow:

1. Discuss your interest with a local Navigators Representative.

2. Having discussed your interest, apply for an application pack by emailing

3. Pray about it and discuss friends, family and your church.

4. Once all the applications have been received, application forms are processed and external references requested.

5. In May, the National Training Coordinator recommends suitable candidates to the Navigators UK National Leadership Team (NLT). The NLT finalises the appointments and the National Training Coordinator sends a letter of acceptance to successful candidates on behalf of the NLT. Details of the programme including the first Bible study assignment are sent out to Connectors. Local supervision arrangements are clarified.

The Connect Leadership Team


From Glasgow

Darren lives in Glasgow where leads the Glasgow City Ministry. He is also a qualified counsellor and a Celtic season ticket holder.


From Nottingham

Zanel is married to Jeremy and lives in Nottingham. She is working out what it means to be fruitful as an administrator in a local prison part time and works with individuals in their twenties and thirties the rest of the time.“Having finished my masters degree and begun working in different business settings, I recognise that the skills and values I learnt during Connect are strongly applicable with the practices that form the most effective and healthy organisations”


From Leicester

Jonny is married to Ruth and when he’s not playing cricket for the unbeatable Wigston Town, he leads the Leicester student ministry.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about the Connect Programme, feel free to get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Turner House, 54 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XQ

023 8055 8800



Turner House,
54 The Avenue,
SO17 1XQ

023 8055 8800


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