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What’s It All About?

Here at Conversation Café we believe firmly in the power of good conversation. But why do the most deep and meaningful conversations that we ever have only seem to happen by chance, after a few drinks?

For some reason, it’s rare to find the kind of spaces where you can talk openly, honestly and soberly (literally) about the stuff of life that really matters.

This kind of talking is more than just the taking it in turns to monologue at each other, which passes for conversation all too frequently. It’s about sitting down, looking another person in the eye, and making connections. Connections between ideas, between experiences, between ourselves.

So we’ve created a space where you can do that. It’s called Conversation Café and we’re excited to invite you along to join in. Each café is designed to facilitate conversation around tables with people who want to do the same. Check out the process and the etiquette below.

See you at the next Café!

The Café Etiquette

Be Curious

come with an open mind

Listen Well

think about how you would like to be heard

Share Honestly

say what you really think

Disagree Well

gladiator fights are not encouraged

Learn Together

in sharing with others, we create something greater than the sum of ourselves


Grab a drink, find a table and make your introductions to the group.



Discuss a question together and share your experiences and opinions.



Write, draw or doodle everyone’s key points, to summarize the flow of ideas.


When the bell rings, everyone forms new groups and the process begins again!

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