Discipleship Week

Two Discipleship conference weeks (one at the end of June and one at the end of July) which aim to help us grow in our faith, love and hope to enable us to better serve Jesus Christ back in our home contexts.


These weeks will give you opportunities to grow as disciples. The programme offers a blend of input (teaching, sung worship, sharing together and discussion groups) with a whole load of time together (e.g. eating, hiking, playing sports, getting out on the fjord). This high relational week will help you to get the space you need to recharge, rethink and refocus your lives.

Deadline: 14 days before the weeks commence

  1. ‘Discipleship Week 1’: Fri 21- Fri 28 June 2019
  2. ‘Discipleship Week 2’: Sat 27 July-Sat 3 August 2019

Please note that each week will begin with an evening meal and end with breakfast. Additional days also available before/after D-Week subject to availability (please e-mail to confirm).

For more details or to sign up for Week 1 (run by the US Navigators) please contact Darrell Dooyema (e-mail).

For more details about Week 2 (run by the Navigators UK) please contact Steve McClure (e-mail) or if you are ready to signup click the link to apply alongside


The programme is based at ‘Elvheim’ which was formerly a Youth Hostel and is now a privately run guesthouse (www.elvheim.no). You should expect to be staying in dormitories of between 2-6 people. All bedding is provided. 

Elvheim’s Address: Elvheim, 6876, Skjolden, Norway


Team Suitability: This trip is aimed at those aged between 18-30 and is suitable for all students, Connect Workers. If you are applying to join the team (responsible for running the week) please use the Norway Option.




The Discipleship Weeks are 1600NOK (approx. €170 or £150). These prices are all inclusive of food, accommodation and excursions (travel to/from Skjolden not included).

EXTRA NIGHTS: Please note that additional days at Elvheim can also be booked (subject to availability) for 220NOK per night (inclusive of food and accommodation). In particular there is an opportunity to visit Elvheim in the week following Discipleship Week.

HOW TO PAY: Payment for the week is ordinarily to be paid in Norwegian Kroner to the Elvheim Representative on arrival (please get in touch if this presents any problems).

UNDER 18’s: Whilst there is no children’s programme at Discipleship Week there are still limited spaces for families. They would be your responsibility for the week and there will definitely be at least five there already! Costs for kids are 500NOK per child for D-week and/or 70NOK per extra night.


Before and After

As this is a one week conference, orientation and debrief are not requirements. There will however be an onsite orientation once you arrive to help familiarise you with Elvheim and expectations for the week.

We recommend personal follow up from Discipleship Week with your local Navigator Rep to discuss what you learned and keep you accountable to any goals or disciplines you may have set yourself at the end of the week.


This summer we are offering more fantastic opportunities to come to Norway. The weeks are run by the Navigators in association with and by invitation of “Elvheim” (River-Home). Elvheim is a non-profit making, privately run house (formerly a Hostel) which since 2001 has existed to provide opportunities for people to grow in whole of life discipleship. We are glad therefore to present these weeks…

Discipleship weeks will include a mixture of hiking in the beautiful Norwegian mountains, sports (e.g. volleyball, football & fjord jumping) and an opportunity to be involved in a discipleship teaching programme (programmes will follow). Come ready to share what it is like to be a disciple of Jesus in your country, on your campus, and in your setting. Come ready to interact with students from other cultures and to learn, listen, encourage, worship and spend time in the Word of God together. Come ready to work together, have fun and share your lives with one another.


Participants are required to organise their own travel to/from Norway. The Weeks are run by the Navigators (1st week USA Navigators & 2nd week UK Navigators) in association with Elvheim. Participants are also responsible for ensuring they have a valid passport, suitable travel insurance and travel documents, including visas (if applicable).

Travel Insurance: All participants are required to have suitable travel and medical insurance to cover their participation in the programme. This must include provision for medical repatriation, trip cancellation and trip disruption (e.g. due to civil unrest or volcanic ash affecting air travel). You are responsible also for supplying accurate information as required by the insurer, and communicating details of your insurance arrangements to your team leader. In the UK insurers who offer suitable insurance include Bluefin, Salt Insurance and Banner Insurance. 

Deadlines: The deadline for applying to the programme is 31st May 2019 and we will let you know if you have been accepted within 14 days. Application is no guarantee of acceptance. Contact us for more info or complete the application form below if you have already made up your mind!


TRANSPORT TO SKJOLDEN: Unless you are driving almost all of the transport options to reach Skjolden go via Sogndal which has an airport, ferry port and bus station. Those options are listed below but if you have any questions please ask:

Driving to Skjolden is potentially the cheapest option (depending where you are based and assuming a full car). There are ferries to Norway from Denmark and to Sweden from Germany) or you could look at hiring a car in Bergen or Oslo.

Fly from Bergen/Oslo to Sogndal with Norwegian Airline “Wideroe” who operate flights within Norway (NB: Youth Tickets available for under 25s).

Ferry From Bergen to Sogndal: The tourist ferry down the Sognefjord is probably the grandest way to travel and there is up to 50% off with student discount. It stops at Sogndal (50mins away) and Leikhanger (80 mins away). Please note that ferry times may vary at weekends and earlier in the season! Click here for timetable / Bookings.

Bus From Bergen OR Oslo to Sogndal: There are regular buses from Bergen and Oslo to Sogndal (up to 50% student discount or 25% mini-group discount for 2-8 people available). Check out the bus schedule here.

Travel from Sogndal to Skjolden: To reach Skjolden from Sogndal there is a direct bus route (mini-group discount for 2-8 ppl available). Check out the bus schedule here. For many flights this means the late bus so it may also be possible to collect you from Sogndal or Sogndal airport. This is particularly cost effective if there is a group of you. Please check in advance or you might be walking/swimming!

Direct Bus from Oslo to Skjolden: Finally there is also a bus route direct from Oslo to Skjolden. It goes from Oslo Airport (approx. 10:20am) to Skjolden (approx. 17:40pm) through the highest mountains in Norway. This is normally only available from 23rd June to 16 August  and you have to change in Lom. Check out the bus schedule here.


from 2016

“God taught me what it means to invest in people and about my own calling and how I am experiencing God in that.” 

“I learned to really learn how to experience Him in ways I’d not really considered before.”

“God enflamed my passion about Him again, now is the challenge to keep me going.”

“I learned that God’s goodness is really something to rely on.”

“I learned that God knows me inside out and all that is going on inside me and somehow loves me anyway.”


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Turner House,
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023 8055 8800


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