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Next Event: 3rd November 2018 at 10:30, Findlay Memorial Church, Glasgow

Living the Kingdom life

Do you love people and long for them to know Jesus more? Do you want to live a life that makes people notice that you are different?  If you answered yes to either of those questions then WELCOME to the Emerging Leaders Training Day.

The day will be focused on the question of the Kingdom of God:  how we live differently, how we live in such a way that makes people notice that we live under another King who is not of this world.  We want to help you live in the fulness of the life of the King and to help others do the same.

Phil Boydell will help us understand and experience the Kingdom of God… and there will be practical seminars to help you (and those you are helping) flourish in the life of the King.


1. The Word Hand by Alex Nelson

A Variety of Ways to Connect and listen to God through the Bible

What is the purpose of engaging in God’s Word? What difference can it make in my everyday life? How can I help others to see it as relevant and worthwhile?
In this seminar, we will begin to answer these foundational questions, as well as take the opportunity to engage with the Bible for ourselves using a number of different approaches, all with the hope of passing it on to those around us.

2. What is the gospel? And how can it become good news for my friends? by Stu Newland

We’ll be exploring how Jesus communicated the good news, what first drew each of us to Jesus, and how we can help our friends hear that Jesus’ message connects with their lives.

3. How would I even begin to get alongside someone to help them grow? A primer on 1-to-1's by Colin Gillies

Many people agree that the best way to help someone grow is to get alongside them one-to-one. Yet few do it because they don’t know what to do or they have never been shown. This seminar will consider the principles, a personal plan and provide a chance to practice one-to-ones.

4. I am who you say I am - Identity by Emma Connan

This seminar will focus on the new identity we have in Christ. We will be focusing on how God liberates us from shame and insecurity and how he enables us to walk in full assurance that we are his dearly loved children.

5. Prayer - Growing in the spirit and heart of prayer by Sam Donaghey

You know you’re supposed to ‘do’ prayer but lost the reason why you are doing it? Come and explore God’s purpose for prayer, and rediscover the world transforming effect it can have on your life and the lives of those around you.

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From Glasgow

“I loved the emerging leaders day. The talks were engaging and they got me thinking about better ways to invest in my small group. It was an open and friendly environment. I had some great discussions which helped consolidate the talks. I left having clarity on what leadership is really about and feeling even more enthusiastic and confident for the role.”

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