The Navigators Emerging Leaders day is about helping 18-30s develop skills for Life and Leadership

UP Seminars

UP1: How to meet God in prayer (with Jonathan  Froelich)
Few of us find it easy to pray – perhaps we feel that we are too busy or that prayer doesn’t seem to make a difference. In this seminar we will be thinking about why prayer is so important that we are actually too busy not to pray. We will also consider the relationship between grace and its relationship with prayer; especially the concept of “approaching the throne of grace” and “finding grace in our time of need.”

UP2: How to meet God in the Bible (with Tim Forester)
So many struggle to love reading their bibles.  How do we help people onto a journey where they begin to love reading their bibles – where it comes alive as God speaks through his word into our hearts. Come and join the conversation…

IN Seminars

IN1: How to build community (with Matt Leggett)
Good relationships are the key to healthy, fulfilled lives. And yet, authentic, life giving community can be hard to come by. So how can we be people who influence our communities for the better? What do different shapes and sizes of communities make possible? And how can we balance accessibility and depth in our communities? We’ll explore these questions and some creative ways to make a difference among the relationships we have.

IN2: How to lead small groups (with Phil & Susan Watson)
Small groups are a fantastic way of growing in understanding and developing relationships, of training and being trained.  Jesus led small groups and you can too.  There’s an ‘ART’ that can be learned and a ‘FORM’ that can guide your meeting.  We’ll share some tips and tools to help you become more confident and practice this skill.

OUT Seminars

OUT1: How to share your faith (with Pieter vanLeeuwen)
What are the obstacles to bring the Gospel into our immediate environment? Why are there so many evangelistic events while “living and discipling among the lost” kind of teaching is often an after-thought and can often leave you feeling guilty rather than helped? In this seminar we will explore God’s heart for the lost and the challenges that are involved in being an “insider” disciple. 

OUT2: How to help someone 1to1 (with Bernard Dishman or delegate)

While here on earth Jesus invested most of his time and energy in 12 individuals, of whom he invited three to share his intimate moments, and of whom one was ‘the disciple Jesus loved’. These relationships were hugely impactful as Jesus shared his whole life with those that followed him. In this seminar we are going to think about drawing alongside those around us to help, encourage and point them towards a life with Jesus. 

Upcoming Event

Date: 10-4pm Saturday 30 March 2019

Cost: £5 including lunch (to be paid in cash on the day)

Who: The day is aimed at 18-30s and will include Emerging Leaders options

Venue: Bramshaw Village Hall, Bramshaw, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, SO43 7JE 

Plenary Session: “Living Life with Purpose” with Tim Yearsley

What gets you up in the morning? And what keeps you up at night? Is there a sense of purpose in your daily life, or do you ever feel like you’re drifting from one activity to the next? A strong sense of purpose can give weight and meaning to our lives, and yet it’s difficult to really know what it actually is I’m supposed to be so passionate about. So here’s a talk to explore the Christian story from a new angle: what if the Mission of God could be that unifying purpose in our lives? How might it give both the breadth of vision and depth of real-life connection that we long for? Tim will weave together musical theatre, Christian theology and the humble spatula to get us thinking differently about how we can live life with purpose.


As part of the day there will also be two one hour seminar slots. Each time there will be a selection of 3 seminars to choose from using the framework UP, IN and OUT. Please read the seminar options below and select the required seminar during sign up.

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Turner House,
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023 8055 8800


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