SotonNAVS is led by a team of people who live and work in and around Southampton. Some of us have secular jobs while others work for the Navigators (as Representatives or Connect workers). The Student team are ably supported by a number of older students who help to lead groups and meet up with individuals within the group. Below are the details for the student team.

Leadership Team

Steve & Debs McClure (Ministry Leaders)

Steve & Debs are responsible for the Student Ministry here in Southampton and Steve leads the Student Team. Steve & Debs are both graduates who have served on the Connect programme in Southampton. Steve graduated in Economics at Southampton before working in Salisbury for a Pensions company for 6 years. Debs studied music in Cardiff (99-02) and OT in Southampton (03-07). Steve & Debs both work for the Navigators and have five children; Ben, Naomi , Sam, Jacob and Aaron. Steve is an avid blogger on the subject of Faith, Hope & Love (blog).

Tim Peters (Rep)

Tim studied history at Southampton University before working at Santander bank. He is now married with three children (Abigail, Joel & Nathan) and works for Navigators with a specific responsibility for the student ministry in Bournemouth. He enjoys practical jokes (so watch out) and football.

Jonathan Froelich (Connect)

Student Leadership Team

Ian Dolby (Society President, 3rd Year Physics Student)

Ian is a passionate Physics student now entering his third year; in his spare time he enjoys cycling fast to feel the rush of the wind on his and works on various electrical and practical projects. He comes from Southampton, a place he would describe as being full of opportunities.

Izzy Cooper (Society Treasurer, 3rd Year Marine Biology & Oceanography Student)

Izzy has been a member of the group since the autumn of 2017. As well as having a passion for the natural world and the great outdoors she enjoys travelling, reading and being creative. Izzy also has a heart for supporting others and hopes to grow in faith while helping to see out the vision of the group.

Theresah Asare (Society Secretary)

Theresah is now a second year chemistry student. She has been a part of Navs since the Autumn of 2017. She’s from London but enjoys the break from the busyness of life there whilst studying in Southampton. She has a passion for knowing and living out God’s word. She enjoys reading books especially about the lives of people who lived passionately for Christ.

Graduate Leaders

Naomi Andrew (Maths PHD Student)

Tom Candy (Engineer)

Tom is an engineer, having progressed from Lego kits, he now works in an office designing roads. Tom’s natural habitat is the great outdoors: whether it’s running, walking, kayaking or climbing. He also enjoys a good board game and is the unofficial games coordinator for the group.

Stephen Hartwell (Cartographer)

Having joined the group in 2011, Stephen graduated with a degree in English and History in Summer 2013 and went on to serve with the Connect programme. Stephen is now working full-time at the Ordnance Survey making maps. He is best known for his love of Doctor Who 1963-2017; his enormous appetite for Roast Potatoes; and singing randomly anything that comes into his head. He has earned the nickname “High Stephen” on account of being rather tall.

Jane Mitchell (Associate Rep, Nurse)

Jane graduated with a Degree in Nursing from Southampton in 2006 and has worked as a nurse at Southampton General ever since. She has been involved with SotonNAVS since 2003, and has been part of the NAVs teams to Norway & Latvia on numerous occasions. Jane became an Associate Rep in 2009. She has a passion for getting along side others and seeing people grow in their faith. Jane is a big fan of period dramas, walks in the countryside and is addicted to tea!

Sarah Muskett

Sarah joined NAVS in 2013 at the start of her third of four years studying environmental science. Having unexpectedly moved back to Southampton after graduating she now splits her time between working at Basingstoke Borough Council, NAVS and English classes for international ladies. When she’s not cooking for hungry students or sorting out climate change, she can be found running or cycling around Southampton, or in search of some hills to hike up.

Emi Mocuta (Mechanical Engineer)

Emi has just graduated from Mechanical Engineering at Southampton University. He how works for Hawk-Eye in Basingstoke and is involved with the implementation of the new (and infamous) VAR system. Naturally Emi loves cars and especially F1 and Chelsea F.C. Emi is also part of the planning team for the Elvheim Discipleship Weeks in Norway.


Turner House, 54 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XQ

023 8055 8800



Turner House,
54 The Avenue,
SO17 1XQ

023 8055 8800


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