Who are we?

Who are the Navigators?

“The Navigators” is certainly not a sailing or orienteering club, neither is it some dodgy religious cult and nor is it a church! Confused? So was I when I first heard about “The Navigators” but don’t let that put you off. The Navigators is in fact an international missions organisation working across the world in over 100 different countries. Here in the UK the Navigators work in a number of different contexts, one of which is with students with whom the Navigators have been working for 50 years in Southampton and across the UK.

There has been a NAVS student group in Southampton since 1968 (History). Aside from Southampton, there are also Navigators student groups in Aston, Birmingham, Leicester, Nottingham, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling, Bournemouth and St Andrews. NAVS is part of the Navigators Southern Quadrant. For more about our Vision and Values click here.

Student  Society @ Southampton Uni

SotonNAVS is also affiliated to the Southampton University Students Union where it has been a registered society since 1999 (formerly under the name Alpha Soc). Our Student Leadership Team (SLT) work closely with our team of Reps, Interns (Connect Programme) and Graduates.

What is our relationship with other student groups in Southampton?

We aim to complement local churches and the work of the Christian Unions by helping students in a slightly different way through our emphasis on disciple-making. This is tyipically worked out through small groups and meeting with students individually.

Turner House, 54 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XQ

023 8055 8800

Charity numbers:
England & Wales: 1099148
Scotland: SC038484


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