Pass The Baton


Passing on all that Jesus has built into your life is not an easy task. Where do you start, what do you share and with whom? This short book will give you a clear vision for the need to model discipleship ‘life on life’ in order to make disciples who will make disciples. Using the analogy of a relay race, you’ll find it full of clear and practical steps on how to run alongside others to pass on what God has given you, and in such a way that will help them pass it on to others. Those already active in ministry will find this resource both clarifies your vision and grounds your practice of relational and generational disciple making. You will also find it a useful resource to pass on as you seek to envision others in this important ministry.

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How do you explain what it is to be a disciple? This short, practical book shows you how to
demonstrate what a disciple really looks like by living as one, alongside someone else. Using
the analogy of a relay race, Pass the Baton presents the vision of vulnerably modelling
disciple making in all of life, in order to see it passed on again and again. It also gives clear,
real-world answers to the many questions this journey throws up like how to know who to
invest in and what to seek to build in to their lives.
An excellent resource for anyone who is interested in disciple making. Through questions for
reflection, it guides you through the process of clarifying and grounding your vision for
relational and generational disciple making, whether you’re new to ‘life on life’ or it has been
your vision for many years. Through real-life stories, it demonstrates what the ‘life on life’
journey could look like for you.
Produced by the Navigators, who have more than 60 years’ experience of ‘life on life’ disciple
making, and written by an author with over 30 years’ experience himself, you can be assured
of the integrity and insight of this resource.

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70 pages


The Navigators UK; 1 edition (14 Sept. 2016)






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