Partnering With The Navigators

How are Reps supported?

All our Representatives (Reps) are self-funded through faith. This means that they look to God to provide for their physical needs. In practice, most invite those whom they believe to be with them in heart to join them as partners through prayer and financial support.

Each of us as Reps is aware that this ministry could not continue without support from God’s people. We are deeply grateful for their participation in giving time, money and emotional support.


Some ask, “Why don’t the Navigators pay their people?”

There are two answers to this.

On the spiritual front, Jesus said to his disciples, “The worker is worth his keep” (Matthew 10:10). He told his disciples to go and that God would provide for them through those they ministered to, or through their partners in ministry. We continue with this principle.

On the practical front, the Navigators is a mission, not a trust fund. We don’t have money to support those who minister with us. What we do is act as a charity to collect funds and gift aid for our Reps. This is true from the Country Leader to Connect workers.

Many ask the question, “Why not be tent makers and through work fund your own ministry?”

There are those involved in the Navigator ministry who do this. There is an advantage in this approach of being with people where they are. The workplace can be an ideal environment to share life and so to share our life with God.

Others give their full time to ministry. This has other advantages. We find those who support themselves through secular work have less capacity for developing their ministry, and even less capacity for personal development in ministry. Without capacity for time with God and developing in leadership, ministry runs down on the inertia of previously developed ideas and techniques.

How is everything else funded?

The other costs of running the charity are –

  • Central Services (the office, the work done to manage donations and work done to keep us legal with the Government). These are funded by a small monthly fee paid by the Reps. The reason the Reps pay for Central Services rather than going to the public is that the Reps value this service whereas for the most part, our supporters see office work as a distraction from the mission.
  • Costs of Leadership, Development or Care for the mission. These are usually associated with travel and services and are funded through gifts sent to the Navigators that either do not specify an individual Rep or specify the General Fund.

Becoming a partner

In the Navigators, we try to emphasise a partnership between Reps and their supporters. We recognise the value of all in the ministry that God has entrusted to us. Some are able to give their full time to ministry, others are able to fund or to pray. As Paul wrote, “I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow” (1 Corinthians 3:6-7). The emphasis is on God’s work and looking to him for partners to develop it.

I want to give regularly

Regular giving is by far the most valued form of financial support. Our outgoings tend to be regular and we need regular income to meet these needs.

There can be a fear in signing up to giving regularly that there will come a time when that commitment must end. However, the Navigators are people of faith and just as they are led by God into commitments and out of them, so they understand that those who support will be led in the same way.

Please note that all gifts processed by the Navigators incur an admin levy, currently 8%

By Standing Order

Standing orders leave the control in the hands of the supporter, since it involves asking your bank to make regular payments to the organisation, rather than giving the organisation permission to take payments from your bank account (direct debits). You will be directed to a screen giving you the information you need to set up a standing order through your online banking or by post to your bank. You will also be asked to fill out a form so that your intended recipient can be linked to your gift.

Direct Debit

For those who do want to give by direct debit, we use Stewardship, which handles the direct debits of a large number of charities. The Navigators does not process direct debits itself due to the extra costs in computer security and management that are required to keep supporters’ details safe.

You will be directed to a screen with a link to Stewardship’s login page, along with instructions on how to set up a direct debit through them. If you don’t have a Stewardship account, you can set one up here 

Remember that only at the end of the process, when they ask for a message to the charity. can you give the name of the Rep or fund that you are looking to support.

Stewardship Instructions

If you are already using Stewardship to donate to Christian organisations, you might be interested to add the Navigators to your list of recipients.

Login to your Stewardship account

Go to your Manage Regular Giving section, select the Regular Donations tab and click New

After selecting how to fund the donations, Search for us by using our name (Navigators) or our account number 20021680

From here, you can choose how much to give, and make a reference stating which Rep, project or event you’d like to regularly donate to

We hope that you find this an easy way of managing your giving, and making the Navigators a part of that.

Thank you for your support!

Please note that all gifts processed by the Navigators incur an admin levy, currently 7%

Send a Cheque

Thank you for being interested in supporting the Navigators UK. Your gift will be greatly appreciated!

Cheques for the support of individual Navigator Reps or for our general ministry should be made payable to ‘The Navigators UK’ and posted to

The Navigators UK
Turner House
54 The Avenue
SO17 1XQ

Please enclose a note indicating which Navigator Rep, project or event you would like your gift to be allocated to. If you are a UK tax payer then you can also fill in a Gift Aid declaration which will enable us to reclaim the tax on your gift at no extra cost to yourself.

I want to give a one-off gift

Many supporters would like to give to one-off projects. Whereas our costs are largely month by month and year by year, we have sought to separate out some costs into a project format so that they can be supported by one-off donations.

One-off projects (these can be supported for a specific year):

  • Foundations For Ministry
  • Connect
  • Matched Funding
  • PublicationsPlease note that all gifts processed by the Navigators incur an admin levy, currently 8%

By Bank Transfer

A bank transfer enables you to send money quickly and simply straight to the Navigators account. All the details needed for making the transfer can be found following the Bank Transfer link. When sending by this means it is important to also fill in the page of information found following the Bank Transfer link, since this will connect your gift with the person or fund to which you wish this money to go.

Credit Card

The credit card link will direct you to Give.Net (Stewardship).

You will be directed to a link taking you to Stewardships login. If you don’t have a Stewardship account, you can set one up here

After you have put in your gift details, you can click on Include any details and/or your reference number to open a message box where you can give the name of the Rep or fund that you are looking to support.




Send a Cheque

If you would like to send money by cheque, then please make it payable to “The Navigators” and send to: 

“The Navigators, Turner House, 54 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XQ.”

Please include a cover letter that tells us the name of the person or fund you would like to support. 


We would like to invite you to be a part of the ministry’s future by leaving a gift to the Navigators UK in your will. This is a simple procedure whether you are updating an existing will through writing a codicil or making a new one. Including a gift to the Navigators UK is an investment that will bring hope to future generations.

A typical example of a clause leaving a legacy to the Navigators might read:

“I give ____% of my residuary estate OR I give the sum of £____ (pounds only) free of all taxes to the Navigators UK (registered charity no. 1099148 in England and Wales and no. SC038484 in Scotland) for its general purposes, and I declare that a receipt of an officer of the Navigators shall be sufficient discharge to my executors and trustees.”


Turner House, 54 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XQ

023 8055 8800



Turner House,
54 The Avenue,
SO17 1XQ

023 8055 8800


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